Operation Solutions

  WiFi   Surveillance Cameras   Digital Signage  
High speed affordable WiFi access throughout your property
One building or 20+ acres
Offer your customers free hotspot access
Always be connected to your business
We can install one camera or over 200
Cameras don't have to be located in the same building - or any building!
Simple, cost effective, eye catching advertising
Digitally display your pricing, menus, and disclaimers
No computer or DVD player needed
  Cash Control   Parking/People Counters   Managed IT Solutions  
Quickly count your cash with our money counters
Check the validity of any large bills with our counterfeit detectors
Track how many vehicles enter your parking lot
Track how many people are entering through your gate
Let us manage your business's IT needs
  ClearCut Notifier   Door Entry Control   Cloud Based Phone System  
Turn any button or switch into a notification on your smartphone
Protect your secure areas with our basic RFID/keypad door entry control
Our more advanced entry control offers networked tracking and monitoring
Create a large impression
Customers never get a busy signal - unlimited incoming calls
Feature packed and affordable
  Staff Countdown Clock          
Perfect for the makeup or costume room. Reminds staff how long they have until show start!
Visual display on 19"+ TV of time remaining. Audio warnings every 15 mins

Ticketing & Point of Sale Solutions

  Simple Ticket Printing   Ticketing & Retail Point of Sale   Ticket Scanning/Validation  
Print tickets prior to or during your event
Simple, low cost ticketing
Can work with Ticket Scanning/Validation
On demand ticket printing with full cashier audit
Ticketing & retail support
Ensure tickets are valid
Track unused tickets
Tickets can be valid on specific days and between specific times

Revenue Generators

  ScreamBooth       Sneak Attack Arcade Scare Game  
Scare up some additional CASH
Entertain your customers
Your customers can share online & walk away with a souvenir in hand
Let your customers do some scaring while entertaining themselves in line
No staff needed - runs itself
Money Maker

ClearCut specializes in special event general admission ticketing. Our TicketBox software allows for quick and easy ticket printing without the needs and cost of a full blown Point of Sale system. Our Point of Sale software is more advanced and supports unlimited ticket types, coupons, retail, and full cashier accountability. Access control supports both TicketBox and Point of Sale allowing the facility to scan and validate tickets prior to entry to prevent counterfeiting. Live Activity Monitor will display sales across all ticket selling stations.


ClearCut Staff Manager allows for employee punch in, punch out, and central record keeping. We also offer products to assist with your event's operations such as Money/Cash Counters, RFID Door Entry Control, Commercial Grade WiFi. Surveillance Cameras, Counterfeit Detectors, and Digital Signage to display Admission/Pricing as well as warning signs at your event. Our ClearCut Notifier is a push for help device that turns any button into a push notification alert for iPhone or Android.


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